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“Gia Claire is absolutely amazing! As Executive Director of eWomenNetwork I host 12-18 events a month and work with professional speakers regularly. Gia was one of the most moving powerful speakers I have seen in a long time! Her story and passion for life is contagious and her captivating style is intriguing yet easy to follow. Gia had the whole room focused on her every word and everyone was touched by her topic, Head First. It was inspiring and real. The best part about Gia is her realness. She says it like it is and totally means business. If you are going through a change and need to get motivated Gia is definitely your gal! Her book is to die for too. The book, Head First, is addicting and she writes the way she speaks. She is super inspiring and an amazing speaker, coach. I highly recommend Gia Claire as a speaker, coach and colleague.” April 30, 2012


 Alexandra Eidenberg


"Hearing Gia speak about some of her biggest personal leaps is hearing someone with deep wisdom and a true passion to help women power take their power back and love themselves fully.  I loved Gia's confidence, down-to-earth speaking style and perfectly timed humor.  Gia knows how to engage an audience and inspire women to own power, love themselves fully and take leaps in their careers and lives."


Althea McIntyre

President of The Best Career For Me

"Gia spoke to a diverse group of female-entrepreneurs for me, and did a wonderful job relating her personal experiences to a crowd of wide-ranging backgrounds. She was a burst of energy, and a refreshing combination of humor and seriousness. Gia really knows how to captivate a room and make you feel like she's talking just to you!"--


Saya Hillman

President - Mac N Cheese Productions

"After reading Gia's book and then having the pleasure to meet her she was as genuine as could be. She was everything I had imagined her to be; strong, loving, intelligent, and warm. She has written from the heart on such a painful subject and allowed the reader to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much a beautifully written book." ------> please correct my horrible grammar thanks Gia!"


Arlette Metti, Arlette & Company

On September 20th, 2012, I had the privilege of attending Gia Claire’s workshop at the Women’s Empowerment Event in Oak Forest, Illinois. Appropriately titled, “The Powerful Life: How to Create Unstoppable Success Now,” this incredible workshop started off with a “bang!” with Gia’s contagious energy encouraging everyone to get up and dance. Gia’s passion for inspiring women is evident within the first moments of her presentation. Her warmth, zeal and savoir-faire can be felt by everyone. Not one to mince words, Gia gets directly to the point of the importance of living in alignment with one’s purpose and grandeur. Through her story-telling and coaching, she is able to engage her audience by persuading them to see themselves as an extension of divinity. She offers creative suggestions to shed old, self-defeating thought patterns and replace them with uplifting, self-affirming ones. Gia is the perfect elixir for what ails you. Once you hear her speak and allow her energy to touch you, you can’t help but be a changed person. I enthusiastically recommend Gia as a coach, speaker and trainer. Give yourself a gift and participate in one of her lectures or presentations. You will leave feeling lighter and more joyful.

~Alexandra Glumac, MS, NCC, LCPC, RDDP - Instructor/Clinician/Coach


Vera Chan

Principal/Owner at SMARTcommunication

Gia is an exceptional motivational speaker. She passionately and professionally delivers high impact content that is customized to your audience. Gia inspires her listeners to take action and to be committed to leading an empowered life that is about possibility.

March 13, 2013, Vera was Gia's client

Ingrid Morris

MidEast Op Controller & Vice President, National Black Employees Association Xerox Corp

Gia is one of the most respected and committed Entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure of working with. She recently hosted the 4th Annual Windy City Woman Diamond Awards celebrating women that have given tirelessly to their community and professional networks. Gia's preparation and due diligence in successfully hosting the event was enviable. Not only did she research each honoree's accomplishments, but she went above and beyond by adding personal anedotes to each introduction. This touch proved that we made the right choice and I personally appreciated her support. Thank you Gia!

Verachan Ingridmorris Alexandra


"It’s this simple……..Gia is amazing. As the head of the Speaker Committee for South Suburban College’s annual Women’s Conference & Expo, it is my responsibility to ensure that the chosen keynote for the conference is someone who can entertain and inspire an audience. It was a no-brainer for my committee to select Gia as she has been a speaker at the conference for the past three years.

Tasked with speaking to 300 women of all ages and cultural and religious backgrounds, Gia’s dynamic style and down-to-earth yet tell-it-like-it-is nature was a recipe for success. Her humor, her poignancy, and her words of inspiration and encouragement had the audience laughing, bobbing their heads in agreement and shouting “YES!” from their seats. Gia eloquently spoke about living your passion, seeing yourself as a goddess and never, ever giving up on your dreams. By the end of her keynote address, the audience was on its feet, motivated to truly live an authentic life.

Gia’s energy set the tone for one of the most successful Women’s Conference’s the college has organized. Throughout the remainder of the day, the halls were filled with smiles, vibrancy and many women, for the first time maybe, feeling their true power.

Our choice was the right one when we selected Gia as our keynote. We wouldn’t hesitate to do it again."


Alexandra Glumac

Speaker Committee Chairperson

South Suburban College Women’s Conference & Expo

March, 2015