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I do 3 Things:

I speak - I coach - I tell jokes

Corporate - I will speak to your organization to reach a new level of employee engagement, purpose and satisfaction in their work.  I will teach accountability and personal development.  I will work with your leaders to become conscious leaders - truly learning how to inspire and create success through others.  


Empowerment Event - I will teach everyone in the room HOW to unlock and ignite their invisible power.  They will leave with actionable steps, solid tools and a wealth of information to drive immediate change.


Team Events:  I LOVE speaking to athletes because the mind science I can teach them will drive immediate results on the field, the court, in the class or in the boardroom.

Speaking:  "Unlocking Your Invisible Power"  and "Becoming a Conscious Leader"

Leadership Coaching:  Unlock YOUR invisible power and become a conscious leader


I have four coaching packages.  I will warn you though, I don't work with everyone, because not everyone is truly willing to do the work.  After a brief 30 minute discovery session we can decide if we have a good fit.  I push because I love and I usually work with people in leadership positions, such as executives and coaches becasue they have a deep drive to achieve success in their own lives and in the lives of those they lead.  I will coach you to become the best leader possible.  I have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tools, resources and support.  


Please connect with me to set up a discovery session to see what makes sense for you and/or your organization.

My coaching is private and powerful and will create a tremendous shift in your leadership.

JOKES: Give me your audiece and I'll give you some laughter.


This is one of my favorite things in the world to do.   I've been doing stand up all over the country for the past several years and it just gets more fun each time.

I can do an hour of comedy at one of your upcomig events, Emcee or take any event you have that's getting way too serious and make it fun, funny and amazing.  

Contact me via email I'd love to discuss rates and details for your event or coaching needs.