Become the Most Powerful U

I AM, THAT I AM.  Constantly changing, evolving, exploring and achieving new levels of consicousness.



Twenty years as a corporate executive, seventeen years as a mom, and forty-something years searching for my

soul's purpose.  

I found it.


I'm obsessed with mind science.  I'm passionate about helping people understand exactly how much power they possess within their mind.   Why not be the most powerful verion of U? I am.


I am an energy healer, and a conscious leader. I've studed the science of mind extensively through metaphysics, quantum physics, biology, religion, and spirituality.  I read the books so you don't have to.  I am absolutely obsessed with reaching as

many people as possible.


I am so in love with my son it's crazy.  He's a powerful creator, writer, athlete, student, leader and even comic when he feels like it.  I am so proud of the man that he is becoming I just keep saying thank you.


I'm a dedicated Yogi and Reiki Master practictioner.  I take care of my mind and my body and I don't let anything into my sacred temple (my mind) or my life that doesn't serve my highest good or help me expand.  


Yeh, I'm selfish like that.  

But I'm keepin it real - "100".  There's no time.

I write jokes constantly - I see the funny in everything.


I love myself.  I love my life.

Thank you G.

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